Dear Amy’s Future Husband

With all this talk of dating sites, my good friend Yasmeen thought it was high time to give my future hubby a few pointers. With the inspiration from the song "Dear Future Husband," we both wrote our sides to it. Here's Yasmeen's thoughts, next week you'll see mine. Dear Amy's Future Husband, I thought you… Continue reading Dear Amy’s Future Husband


More Than Sticks & Stones

"In real discipleship, we memorize Scripture." The words swallowed the conversation. Biting words, fighting words. Wanna know a secret? I was not the victim of this attack. I was the perpetrator. My best friend was the victim. I didn't mean to hurt. I was still learning about process and about grace, but mostly I was… Continue reading More Than Sticks & Stones

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Who’s Your Sidekicks?

Bryan Harris just sent out an email with this (his former) "Crappy Business Model." This is why I have a Business Manager (Yaz) and a Research Assistant (Court.) And that's just the people that have helped me enough that they demanded a title. All before I even have an official business, because we need people… Continue reading Who’s Your Sidekicks?