Practical tips for a long-distance relationship

Here’s some tips from my experience with LDR. This is how we survive the distance, things we probably wouldn’t use or do if we lived closeby.

Apps that go the distance:

  • Couple – track anniversaries, draw artwork together even when apart, “thumb kiss” where both phones vibrate when your thumbs touch the same place on your phone screen
  • Final Countdown (Apple or Android) – count down to the day you see each other again
  • Glympse – track their location as they drive to meet up with you


Gifts that go the distance:

  • A notebook – Josh got us a notebook last Christmas! I document our life for a few weeks and what we do together & apart, and when we see each other he takes it and has his turn. It’s neat to have it all documented. Maybe don’t bring the notebook on your first date though 😉 wait a bit haha.
  • Travel-size of your cologne/perfume – once again, this is not a first date thing. But it’s nice to spray a pillow or hoodie with your S/O scent when you can’t have them around 🙂
  • Audiobooks or comedy CD’s – for the long commutes
  • Extra car chargers, bluetooth speaker, essential oil car diffuser – anything to make the car a little more ready for that roadtrip
  • Suitcase – because I’m tired of stuffing 3 duffle bags with all my luggage


Finally, a reminder that goes the distance:

The long-distance is difficult to the extent that the significant other is so great. It’s one of those mathematical correlation things. See, I put it in graph form so it must be true:


So take heart! If it’s difficult to be apart for long periods of time, that probably means you’re in a great relationship 🙂


Bonus tidbit: I wouldn’t have these ideas without my long-distance boyfriend of course, so I asked him what his tip would be. Answer: “Communicate alot. Talk alot when you’re apart.” We couldn’t decide if that makes it easier to be apart haha, but we definitely agreed it keeps the relationship strong while we’re apart. So do that! 🙂

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Once Upon a Budding Romance



It’s been a year since we started dating. What was that first date like?

  • He accidentally gave me the address to an abandoned warehouse for us to meet.
  • We figured out ahead of time and then joked that he was a serial killer.
    • I really hoped he wasn’t a serial killer.
  • We got coffee and played Speed Scrabble. He won at Speed Scrabble and I tried not to mind even though he’s Biology guy and I’m the Literature gal.
  • He had a surprise to take me to. I hopped in his car, telling him I’d call 911 if he turned out to be a serial killer.
    • I really really hoped he wasn’t a serial killer.
    • He did NOT pull a gun on me.
    • Am I an idiot?
  • He took me to the Japanese Gardens. I was impressed, that a guy could surprise a girl with an actually good surprise on their first time meeting.
  • We took a walk in the park and talked about my like and his dislike of abstract art.
    • When we walked through an abandoned tunnel in the park, we joked that this is where the murder happens.
    • I really hoped he wasn’t a serial killer.
  • I slipped in the mud and fell about an inch into the river.
    • I apologized for my shoes if they accidentally got mud in his car. He said he didn’t care.
    • I don’t know if I believe him.
  • We ended the night at a Japanese restaurant.
  • It was also prom night, so we were surrounded by fancy-dressed high schoolers.
  • We returned to my car in the empty coffee-shop parking lot. We parted ways.
    • I lived to see another day.


And on this one year anniversary, my writerly/readerly self knows all so well that you can know someone for years and years and never find out they’re a serial killer….until it’s too late 😉


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Dear Amy’s Future Husband

With all this talk of dating sites, my good friend Yasmeen thought it was high time to give my future hubby a few pointers. With the inspiration from the song “Dear Future Husband,” we both wrote our sides to it. Here’s Yasmeen’s thoughts, next week you’ll see mine.

Dear Amy’s Future Husband,

I thought you should have a list of Amy’s likes and dislikes. I realize that you being the love of her life and all, you probably already know her general likes and dislikes, but I thought I’d list them anyway. So here’s what I came up with! (Also feel free to make additions/amendments as you see fit because let’s face it, you’re probably the most important person in her life. *Wink*)


(In no particular order)


# 1) Being wet

# 2) Being wet

(Yes, I repeated #1 twice)

# 3) Gum

# 4) Dipping sauce

# 5) Salad dressing

# 6) TV/Movie/Book spoilers

# 7) People who make spoilers an actual issue in life


(In no particular order)



# 1) Best friend romance

# 2) Instant Mac N Cheese

# 3) Raw cookie dough

# 4) Anything with the words “mac” and “cheese” put together in a sentence

# 5) Books

# 7) Glee!

# 8) Syler

# 9) Sawyer

# 10) Good “bad boys” (hence the Syler & Sawyer reference)

(Note: If you watch(ed) Lost or Heroes, you’ll get these references)

# 11) Writing

# 12) Praising her “stalking” capabilities because they are legit and ninja-like!

(Note: If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re already her guy, but in the slight chance you’re not, run because she’ll somehow figure out you’ve read it… She makes #12 happen.)


I already know what you’re thinking, and yes, she’s THAT good.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What are you doing? Are you mad?! I said run!

But then again you probably are her guy, and in that case (rest assured) she’s already stalked you a ton.

# 13) And most importantly, she’s a gem, so don’t ever let her go. It wouldn’t hurt to make her aware of her

awesomeness (ßyes, I just made that a word) every now and again… us girls really like that sort of stuff. 😉


The annoying friend who will probably always be around to crash on you guys’ couch (kidding… but not really)

-Yasmeen H.


12 Thoughts from 12 Hours of Tinder

Hannah Brencher made me do it!
Okay so she clarified she didn’t mean it had to be Tinder or dating for that matter, but one of her writing tips is technically called “Go on Tinder Dates.” Really she meant get out of your comfort zone. But hey, writing tip is writing tip and so to Tinder I went.
From a complete newbie at this electronic dating search dealio, here’s 12 thoughts I had from the 12 hours I had a Tinder profile.

(Note: for any fellow newbies to Tinder, quickly here’s how it works. It’s the most popular dating app. You’re shown a picture of someone and a quick blurb. You swipe left if you aren’t interested in getting to know them, swipe right if you are. If both people swipe right that they’re interested, it says “You have a match!” and a messaging option unlocks.)

    1. Where’s the “Christian Only” option on this thing? (Side note: there are no legitimately okay free dating apps/sites specifically for Christians. We suck.)


    1. Why can’t I put “maybe” on this guy and it bring him back later?


    1. Why in the world do most guys’ pictures feature one or more girls on their arm?! How can this be considered remotely a good idea for a dating site profile?


    1. Do you like a guy if he says he’s into farm stuff and you’re not? What about if he’s into outdoors and sports and you’re not? Is that acceptable or leading him on?


    1. Why do you all say “I enjoy the simple things in life.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?????


    1. If I see my friend’s brother on here, is it cool to say, “Hey, you’re brother is on Tinder!” or is that like a secret society unspoken rule thing about, well, who happens on Tinder stays on Tinder?


    1. If I see someone I know, do I need to apologize in person? Like “Hey, saw you on Tinder, swiped left cause I just think it’s awkward to do online dating stuff with people I know….”


    1. Oh no, I’m gonna be swarmed by creepy stranger guys saying, “Hey, you’re that Tinder girl! I swiped right on you but you never swiped right back!” Please don’t hate me, world! (no worries, I am in fact forgettable so far haha.)


    1. Oh you seem cool! No, like too cool, I can’t swipe right to you, I’d never be normal in your presence.


    1. So if I’m hypothetically talking to multiple people and hypothetically go on a date with multiple people, when does it qualify as cheating to be talking/dating multiple people? I’m really bad at this dating thing….


    1. Wait, but if I swipe right, that means we might have to talk, and once we start talking, we might have to go out, and if we have to go out that means I have to actually leave my apartment some evening. I don’t want to leave my apartment!


    1. Most people don’t even get a match for multiple days, just swipe right, just once and you’ll figure that out when it comes. You probably won’t even have a profile at that point. *swipes right* “YOU HAVE A MATCH!” Seriously?! Right now? First swipe? Am I *that* desirable, world?!




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