Amy L. Sauder.
Quirky Meta Mystery.
Walking Fairytale.
Rumored to be cursed by mermaids (okay, I started that rumor.)
My friend once called me the Beyonce of Blogging, but that might be over-reaching 🙂

I write quirks, obsession, madness, misfits, strangers, and unbelonging. I write bigger than life stories….where small nuances change everything. I write community. I write to connect: characters to each other, disparaging ideas, and narrator to reader. I write awe and surprise and emotion and detachment. I write stories of questioning realities. I write lies and truth. I write the horror between the lines. I write unease and tension. I walk the line between reality and enchantment. Magical realism. Hope, crushed and fulfilled.

Writing isn’t a one-way street. In fact, I hardly have anything to do with it. Readers are what make writers possible. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of books, the power of words, but I moreso believe in the power of readers. Writers are just lucky ambassadors who arrange these powerful meetings 🙂 As a reader, you wield enormous power. I’m here to hopefully bring you a powerful story, to bring new worlds and old ones, so that you can bring change in your own world.


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