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4 pandemic reads from author friends

During the pandemic, some people hunkered down to ride out the storm and just tried to get by. (To be clear, I am "some people" here.) Others found opportunity - or made opportunity - amidst it. *intercom voice* These are those people, and these are - literally - their stories. If you've been waiting around for my new book, or if you've been devouring every story in sight the past 2 years and need something fresh, have I got a post for you.....

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A different kind of mystery

I think we can all agree that I like weird books, or at least, weird-adjacent ones. Staying neatly within all the genre conventions, not exactly my thing; blending genres, even better. When I began reading my friend Andy Zach's new book (or, newer book...he publishes faster than I can read!), I just knew I needed to do a post about different sorts of mysteries, mysteries told a little differently than all the books you first would see on the "Mystery" genre section of Amazon or your favorite bookshop. This is that post....

Image of a mailing from Norah Aven Chronicles Flower Letters - includes letter, sticker, and newspaper article.
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The Flower Letters: a different way to story

I always love finding and learning about different story structures. So when I heard about The Flower Letters, I had to snag it up. Receive a story in the mail over the course of a year, in the medium of letters the characters write (plus bonus fun things like stickers and newspaper articles and such that broaden the story world more!) Check out the most recent mailing I received in this post...

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Stories of an author encountering readers

As an introvert, I was surprised to find one of my favorite things about being an author is in-person events. Because y'all are seriously so fun to meet and connect with. Here are just a few encounters I've had in my year of being published: A girl around 6 years old wanted my psychopathic murderer book. Another kid, this time a young teen, marched straight up to my booth and quickly spilled out: "I like writing stories and I wanna know what my options are, and my teachers say a journalist, but what are my options?" This summer at an event, a lady was looking for someone to room with to save money. Probably not looking for a murder author, but it didn't occur to me at the time... In this blogpost, I tell how each of those stories ended. Check it out.

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5 things to add to your bookmarketing toolkit

Enthusiasm: being passionate about your work sells. If you're not excited about it, why should anyone else be? And if others are excited about your work - readers, friends, or even your family - even better. Because if others are excited about your work, that builds credibility as they share their enthusiasm through posts, reviews,… Continue reading 5 things to add to your bookmarketing toolkit

short books - psychological mystery short story "I Know You Like a Murder"
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The perks of a small book.

Most publishers won't risk as short a story as this.   I will. In fact, I think it's quite appropriate that my debut book is so small. Here's why:     I grew up with a love for reading. I devoured books as a kid from a young age, until I didn't.   Ya see,… Continue reading The perks of a small book.

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Book Review: 49th Mystic & Rise of the Mystics

(Sidenote thought that has no bearing on the review whatsoever: I have so many questions about how the whole "49th" mystic number works. So many questions. And while we're at it, I have absolutely no idea why the second book was called "Rise of the Mystics", besides the fact that it's a fantabulous intriguing title.)… Continue reading Book Review: 49th Mystic & Rise of the Mystics

psychological thriller book review "In a Dark Dark Wood"
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Book Review: In a Dark Dark Wood

Leave it to me to bring this book on my vacation in a cottage in the middle of nowhere... (is there any other way???) And leave it to me to pinpoint the psychopath right away. So I knew the murderer pretty quick, but I was still entranced by the story, wondering how it all went… Continue reading Book Review: In a Dark Dark Wood