for the Creatives

Find your own Jenn

Creators and Dreamers: 
Get you a friend as committed as you are. I say that lightly, but sincerely I know that’s not an easy thing to come by. But let me tell you: If you do, you become catalysts for each other.

Meet Jenn. I mean, she’s not here, but she’s usually in my living room about once a month as we frantically type away the day, mostly only stopping for a chitchat at lunch.

And now, she’s waking up early to get an hour of writing in before work every. single. workday. Y’all, she one-upped me!

But that’s okay, because I need someone to one-up me right now. I need that reminder of the hunger. Not that I lost it, just that it’s been laying low for a bit.

This month, I’m going to join Jenn some mornings, and we are gonna get things done. By the end of this month, I’ll have a routine more solidified and probably a selfie to share with you, so brace yourself. But until then…

Find your own Jenn. Someone with a similar goal and a similar drive. Whatever commitment level you’re at, get someone right there with you, and keep each other going. It’s powerful. 

It’s not easy to find a Jenn, so if you have one, treasure that! And, maybe tell me about your Jenn in the comments 🙂


Dear Amy’s Future Husband

With all this talk of dating sites, my good friend Yasmeen thought it was high time to give my future hubby a few pointers. With the inspiration from the song “Dear Future Husband,” we both wrote our sides to it. Here’s Yasmeen’s thoughts, next week you’ll see mine.

Dear Amy’s Future Husband,

I thought you should have a list of Amy’s likes and dislikes. I realize that you being the love of her life and all, you probably already know her general likes and dislikes, but I thought I’d list them anyway. So here’s what I came up with! (Also feel free to make additions/amendments as you see fit because let’s face it, you’re probably the most important person in her life. *Wink*)


(In no particular order)


# 1) Being wet

# 2) Being wet

(Yes, I repeated #1 twice)

# 3) Gum

# 4) Dipping sauce

# 5) Salad dressing

# 6) TV/Movie/Book spoilers

# 7) People who make spoilers an actual issue in life


(In no particular order)



# 1) Best friend romance

# 2) Instant Mac N Cheese

# 3) Raw cookie dough

# 4) Anything with the words “mac” and “cheese” put together in a sentence

# 5) Books

# 7) Glee!

# 8) Syler

# 9) Sawyer

# 10) Good “bad boys” (hence the Syler & Sawyer reference)

(Note: If you watch(ed) Lost or Heroes, you’ll get these references)

# 11) Writing

# 12) Praising her “stalking” capabilities because they are legit and ninja-like!

(Note: If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re already her guy, but in the slight chance you’re not, run because she’ll somehow figure out you’ve read it… She makes #12 happen.)


I already know what you’re thinking, and yes, she’s THAT good.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What are you doing? Are you mad?! I said run!

But then again you probably are her guy, and in that case (rest assured) she’s already stalked you a ton.

# 13) And most importantly, she’s a gem, so don’t ever let her go. It wouldn’t hurt to make her aware of her

awesomeness (ßyes, I just made that a word) every now and again… us girls really like that sort of stuff. 😉


The annoying friend who will probably always be around to crash on you guys’ couch (kidding… but not really)

-Yasmeen H.