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To break a mermaid curse

You may recall for Halloween I shared definitive proof that I am cursed by mermaids. I had a great discussion about breaking the curse with Beware of the Reader <-- which can we all agree that is the best bookblog name ever? The curse all started when I didn't show up to a magical disappearing lake… Continue reading To break a mermaid curse

masquerade masks
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Masquerade, hide your face so the world will never find you

*Name that tune* Hehe, but you guys, I'm living the dream. I was invited to the ball! not just any ball - the masquerade ball. See for yourselves <3     Now that you're completely floored by those breathtaking photos: Mad photo cred to Frugoli photography. Check out her site. If you're in the Peoria… Continue reading Masquerade, hide your face so the world will never find you

photo shoot in peoria il
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Pirate queen photo session

Just to remind us who we are, me and Kim dressed up as steampunk pirates for a photo session. I only needed one for the earlier blogposts, but how could I not post these! Costuming by Kim Kouski. Check out her site for geeky discourse. Photography by Yasmeen Hudson. Check out her site for real… Continue reading Pirate queen photo session

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Superhero divas need a cape

Unless you're in the Incredibles of course 🙂 When my sister said it was superhero day for my Lil Niece (world, meet niece 1 of 3), it was way past halloween and she was just going to drop by the store and look for a cape the night before. Of course they don't have a pink… Continue reading Superhero divas need a cape

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My Christmas tree guards the gifts

I don't need an Elf on a Shelf. My Christmas tree is my own gift guard, and she makes less of a mess. Meet Delilah. You can see her adventures (or misadventures) on my facebook and twitter under #DelilahTales.    Delilah's Christmas tree outfit didn't just happen. Last year I had a test case (that turned… Continue reading My Christmas tree guards the gifts

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Creative Fashion on an Artist’s Budget

Maybe you're a writer. Or painter. Or dancer. Or card maker, flower arranger, or really any type of creative soul. Now it's time to look the part. One thing about artists, they know how to pick their wardrobe. It's not boring. It's rambunctious. Daring. Eclectic. Bold patterns, bright colors, varying styles. (Side note: Maybe you're one… Continue reading Creative Fashion on an Artist’s Budget

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Fashion First

If I were to say there's something I'm known for more than my writing, something that people comment on regularly throughout my day, it'd be my fashion. This blog is about all my creations, and writing isn't my only way of creating - I also create my style 🙂 Don't get me wrong, I'm not… Continue reading Fashion First

christmas tree dress form design
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How To Make a Christmas Tree Mannequin

If you were around the interwebs leading up to Christmas, you probably saw the mannequins-turned-christmas-tree. Here's one example.  When a friend shared this with me, I was quite excited to try it out myself, but all of the how-to's I found had elaborate steps with obscure materials I didn't have the time or know-how for.… Continue reading How To Make a Christmas Tree Mannequin