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The case of the sneaky birthday surprise

Top secret intel! Confidential Report 10232017 Agent on duty: Aimster Birthday-Diva Suspects: Traitorous Double-Agent Boyfriend and Messenger Unknown Victim: Aimster Birthday-Diva herself Kill date: October 23, 2017   On Saturday throughout 0900 and 1200 hours, I witnessed Boyfriend receiving a number of messages via the Top Secret Facebook Messenger app. This was the elusive Messenger who… Continue reading The case of the sneaky birthday surprise

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Something better than a chai latte

You might remember me telling you about my recent terrible horrible no-good very-bad day. And it all started with a broken mug, which the chai latte warned me about but I didn't take heed. (Yes, chai lattes talk to me. Don't they speak to you?)   Question: What is better than something that warns of… Continue reading Something better than a chai latte


Practical tips for a long-distance relationship

Here's some tips from my experience with LDR. This is how we survive the distance, things we probably wouldn't use or do if we lived closeby. Apps that go the distance: Couple - track anniversaries, draw artwork together even when apart, "thumb kiss" where both phones vibrate when your thumbs touch the same place on… Continue reading Practical tips for a long-distance relationship

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When you drive 230 miles thu a snowstorm for your long-distance bf

It starts with dancing to Lady Gaga while cruising through the flurries. Not a care in the world. It goes downhill though, beware. Here's how it happened for me: Halfway through it got rough. Ice on my windshield wipers kept them from clearing my windshield, and I was seeing through a sliver. It was one of… Continue reading When you drive 230 miles thu a snowstorm for your long-distance bf


Once Upon a Budding Romance

  It's been a year since we started dating. What was that first date like? He accidentally gave me the address to an abandoned warehouse for us to meet. We figured out ahead of time and then joked that he was a serial killer. I really hoped he wasn't a serial killer. We got coffee and… Continue reading Once Upon a Budding Romance

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Living is the Hardest Part

"We say that writing is the hardest part, but I think that living is the hardest part."   I haven't written much in the past 6 months. And I wasn't okay with it. How long can a writer go without writing and still be called a writer?  I wasn't okay. Until I had this quote… Continue reading Living is the Hardest Part


Once Upon 6 Months Ago…

There was a handsome prince who scoured the land. We call him a snowman. Or Wisconsin Guy. Or more commonly, Josh. He came upon this princess here. We call her a penguin. Or Amy L Sauder. Or just Amy, I suppose.   In his attempts to woo this princess, he accidentally created a blog....oops? He… Continue reading Once Upon 6 Months Ago…

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Penguins Can’t Love Snowmen

He just showed up out of nowhere, all prim and proper with his top-hat and button-up. She tried to style with her tux, but the waddling and flops don't quite work for that. He says it's endearing. Still, her wings can't straighten the mess of hair atop her head, and well no one ever offered her… Continue reading Penguins Can’t Love Snowmen

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Poem: Happy UnBirthday

With recent birthday celebrations, I thought I'd share a little poem I wrote awhile back for some friends' birthdays I missed. I make belated birthday greetings all the rage 🙂 Let me add that this is even more brilliant when spoken aloud in a ridiculous voice! Happy Unbirthday Happy Unbirthday to You. I speak to… Continue reading Poem: Happy UnBirthday