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Eat the frog or take a walk

Here we are, post-covid and burnt out and just needing the motivation to do _something_ with our dreams. There's the concept of "eating the frog" you may have heard of before, but there's also the option to take a walk in the park. Which is working for you right now? You can read more details in this blogpost...

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My favorite blogging tools: A guest post from The Picky Bookworm

(Ahem, Amy here. I'm so excited to introduce you all to Pamela from The Picky Bookworm with this guest post on favorite blogging tools. Take it away!....) --- All bloggers have their favorite tools. I can’t think of a single blogger you could find who didn’t have a list of at least 4 tools they use, and why. From automation to newsletters, bloggers have been finding ways to make blogging easier for years. I’ve listed my favorite blogging tools below, and I’ll tell ya, they make my job so much easier!

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The top 6 planners & systems for creatives to tackle their dreams

We all need a new planner every now and again, right? Here are some of the top planners for creatives, favorites we can all geek out over.

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Being a Christian writing really nonchristian work

Though my faith is important to me, my work doesn't fit into the rules of that genre. If you've read books from the Christian market, you probably picked up on that 😉 Sorry, but my murderous psychopath protagonist isn't gonna go to church and convert. And yet, you will hear about my faith on my blog and social media if you stick around long enough. Here's why (and it's not some sort of "hide it under a bushel" cheesy answer).

Faith, for the Creatives

My experience in the Created to Thrive mentoring program

"Nobody buys art because they need it. They buy it because of connection." - Matt Tommey That is the basis of Matt Tommey's marketing approach which I've been learning and applying since I joined the Created to Thrive mentoring program last September.