More Than Sticks & Stones

"In real discipleship, we memorize Scripture." The words swallowed the conversation. Biting words, fighting words. Wanna know a secret? I was not the victim of this attack. I was the perpetrator. My best friend was the victim. I didn't mean to hurt. I was still learning about process and about grace, but mostly I was… Continue reading More Than Sticks & Stones

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What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You

The past few weeks, my friend Maggie and I have collected responses through social media of what hurtful words made you who you are today. We loved the feedback, and hope to get even more on our next collaborative project. See all of the responses here, and check out Maggie's blog for some DNA word… Continue reading What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You

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The Author’s Role for Change

I only just finished a series of articles on fiction and had planned on not posting an article-style blogpost for awhile. Switch things up a bit, right? Then this happened, and I thought, may as well while it's fresh in my mind. I have a day-job. In fact, in case you hadn't noticed, so far… Continue reading The Author’s Role for Change