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A welcoming church for battling anxiety

Oftentimes, church isn't built for people with anxiety. You see, when my anxiety began to ramp up, I had to drastically change my life in order to keep living it. Only having so many spoons (so much energy) to give and all that. Which factors in to all the things I weigh when attending church. For example, here my list of frivolous-seeming items I consider at church, not for the spiritual aspect, but for my own mental health:

Mental Health

For the ones who cry too much, even if that’s only me

Let me tell you a story. Credit: It's a short story within "The Nobodies Album." That book itself is a novel, with a small collection of short stories throughout that build on the theme of the actual novel. And I'm going to completely go all spoiler on one of the short stories, but there is… Continue reading For the ones who cry too much, even if that’s only me

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Trust the chai tea latte…

It takes very little to incapacitate me - about 3 minor inconveniences, sometimes 2. But I have my liquid calm, and it's not alcohol and it's not coffee: If you see me holding a chai, you can bet I'm in a situation prone to panic attack. Crowds or stressful days or interacting with strangers. I… Continue reading Trust the chai tea latte…

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Arm surgery, anxiety, & the abnormals

  A lady had broken her arm and the doctor had a quick-fix, something for the interim because of other health complications that prevented a complete fix. This lady no longer could lift so much as a cup of tea with that hand now, halfway helpless, but her bone slowly healed in that wrong way… Continue reading Arm surgery, anxiety, & the abnormals

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When you drive 230 miles thu a snowstorm for your long-distance bf

It starts with dancing to Lady Gaga while cruising through the flurries. Not a care in the world. It goes downhill though, beware. Here's how it happened for me: Halfway through it got rough. Ice on my windshield wipers kept them from clearing my windshield, and I was seeing through a sliver. It was one of… Continue reading When you drive 230 miles thu a snowstorm for your long-distance bf

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While I was doing other things, life.

"Your life gets lived while you're busy d0ing other things." --Rizzoli & Isles I'm pretty sure formulaic crime dramas aren't supposed to be inspiration for writing. But I finished Gilmore Girls and need some feel-good TV female relationships. And every so often a certain quote just hits you. I don't always make the right entrepeneurial-dreamer… Continue reading While I was doing other things, life.

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Living is the Hardest Part

"We say that writing is the hardest part, but I think that living is the hardest part."   I haven't written much in the past 6 months. And I wasn't okay with it. How long can a writer go without writing and still be called a writer?  I wasn't okay. Until I had this quote… Continue reading Living is the Hardest Part

Mental Health

Today I’m Not Strong

I'm not sure when it happened. There's no moment I can pinpoint, no catalyst to blame. Or maybe there's too many. Did it happen when I lost my dream? When I lost my community? When I lost my future? The symptoms, the evidence piles up against me. I'm out of control.  To be blunt, I've… Continue reading Today I’m Not Strong

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When You Don’t Recognize Yourself Anymore

Not good, not bad, just not me anymore, or a different me I suppose. I looked in the mirror this morning and realized that I didn't recognize that person staring back. Not just the figure. The person. Something in the eyes. Something in the thoughts. When was the last time I knew myself? I don't… Continue reading When You Don’t Recognize Yourself Anymore

Mental Health

How To Be Okay…

  Turn your ears off. Don't hear what others are saying. Don't hear the cries, the laughs, the shrieks.   Turn your light off. Don't be too much. Don't be too happy, too sad, too ambitious, too progressive, too opinionated, too emotional, too introspective, too loud, too quiet, too needy, too carefree, or too uptight.… Continue reading How To Be Okay…