Mental Health

Today I’m Not Strong

I'm not sure when it happened. There's no moment I can pinpoint, no catalyst to blame. Or maybe there's too many. Did it happen when I lost my dream? When I lost my community? When I lost my future? The symptoms, the evidence piles up against me. I'm out of control.  To be blunt, I've… Continue reading Today I’m Not Strong

Faith, for the Bookworms, for the Writers

9 Defenses of the Christian Fantasy Genre

This is part of a series. To read “In Defense of Christian Romance,” click here. Check back later for “In Defense of Christian Horror” and “In Defense of Christian Fiction.” Magic. Dragons. Witches and wizards. Vampires. Zombies. Mythological beings. These words can cause some Christians to immediately write off a book as demonic, Satanic, immoral,… Continue reading 9 Defenses of the Christian Fantasy Genre