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Event planning for authors

What in the world makes ME think I'm qualified to speak on this topic? What, I planned one booklaunch and a wedding reception(s) and suddenly I'm some event planning guru? Ha. No. But, as an introvert that can't stand crowds and loved both of these events I put together, I thought I'd share for funsies & solidarity....

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Eat the frog or take a walk

Here we are, post-covid and burnt out and just needing the motivation to do _something_ with our dreams. There's the concept of "eating the frog" you may have heard of before, but there's also the option to take a walk in the park. Which is working for you right now? You can read more details in this blogpost...

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Intro to Amazon Ads for authors

This post isn’t about Amazon. I mean, it _is_ about Amazon, but it isn’t. It’s bigger than that, about having more ways to get your work out there in front of your people. I love supporting local businesses and small businesses (I am one!). Amazon doesn’t need me to post about them to drive traffic their way. This is just a useful post for those curious what it’s like as they consider the myriad of options out there. A few months ago, I tried Bryan Cohen’s Amazon Ad challenge, where he step by step walks through setting up multiple Amazon Ads and what the next steps are to keep growing it. Here are a few of the things I loved about it as I dug in....

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Traditional or indie publishing, that is the question

So how does a writer choose between traditional and indie publishing? And what if an author chooses....both? For I Know You Like a Murder, it was an easy decision for me. In this blogpost I talk about the factors in deciding and what I'm looking at for my new paranormal circus novel....

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My experience in the Created to Thrive mentoring program

"Nobody buys art because they need it. They buy it because of connection." - Matt Tommey That is the basis of Matt Tommey's marketing approach which I've been learning and applying since I joined the Created to Thrive mentoring program last September.

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All the details on my author taxes process

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for the Bookworms

5 things to add to your bookmarketing toolkit

Enthusiasm: being passionate about your work sells. If you're not excited about it, why should anyone else be? And if others are excited about your work - readers, friends, or even your family - even better. Because if others are excited about your work, that builds credibility as they share their enthusiasm through posts, reviews,… Continue reading 5 things to add to your bookmarketing toolkit

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An artist’s call to serve

A big part of an artist's calling is the call to serve. I think of the work of an artist throughout history, of commissions and patronage, of crafting for practical purposes and for communal areas. Sometimes I see serving and chores synonymously, which is of course a piece of serving. But it's important to remember the work of service in the artistic field too.