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A different kind of mystery

I think we can all agree that I like weird books, or at least, weird-adjacent ones. Staying neatly within all the genre conventions, not exactly my thing; blending genres, even better. When I began reading my friend Andy Zach's new book (or, newer book...he publishes faster than I can read!), I just knew I needed to do a post about different sorts of mysteries, mysteries told a little differently than all the books you first would see on the "Mystery" genre section of Amazon or your favorite bookshop. This is that post....

book launch party ideas for authors
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On having a booklaunch on your birthday

- Books usually launch on a Tuesday (similar to how movies usually release on a Thursday) - My birthday was a couple months away on a Tuesday - This opportunity would only occur every 6 or so years (give or take a leap year) So I seized the opportunity, and you may be wondering: Was it worth it? In this blogpost, I answer that question...


Life is a mystery. You’re the detective.

"We are all detectives with every good story." That's what my friend Amber said when reading I Know You Like a Murder. It's true. Books invite the reader to figure out what's happening between the lines. And a good story keeps the reader guessing. In "I Know You Like a Murder", you as the reader are the… Continue reading Life is a mystery. You’re the detective.

psychological thriller book review "In a Dark Dark Wood"
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Book Review: In a Dark Dark Wood

Leave it to me to bring this book on my vacation in a cottage in the middle of nowhere... (is there any other way???) And leave it to me to pinpoint the psychopath right away. So I knew the murderer pretty quick, but I was still entranced by the story, wondering how it all went… Continue reading Book Review: In a Dark Dark Wood