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Lego typewriter building from a newbie Lego builder

I haven’t touched a Lego set since like….the kid kinds with the larger pieces. But I’m a bibliophile, so of course I couldn’t resist splurging on this monstrosity. And then I wondered if I could even build this Lego typewriter as a newbie….

Me holding a box with a green Lego typewriter on it. It's taking up all the photo and then some with my head peeking in from the side.
If you’re interested in purchasing the Lego typewriter, I may receive a portion of sales when you use the affiliate link in this article.

So what’s it like building an “expert level” 2000+ piece set after not touching any Lego since I was like…5…?

“I may have bitten off more than I can chew. And what’s with multiple bags with the same number? Do they go together or separate?”

Over 10 different Lego bags numbered, some with duplicate numbers, sprawled across a game table. The thick Lego instruction booklet sits in front.

Me: *categorizing all the pieces from the first bag*

Hubby: “wait, you split them out before building?”

Me: “wait, that isn’t normal?”

This is a typical over-thinking it “Lego typewriter for newbies” faux pas, y’all. Apparently there isn’t one right way to do this. Who knew!?

Bunches of different Lego types spread across the game table with matching items together, pile of bags in the back and instruction booklet in front

Thoughts after bag(s) labeled “1” complete: I was worried I’d be bad at it because I’m bad at puzzles, but actually it’s nice having clear directions and methodical creativity. I could get used to this.

A bunch of random gears of Legos put together with instruction booklet open to bag "2" section

Me, planning to have my husband bail me out if I give up, then mid-process finding out he’s never done Lego this big. Y’all, I bought myself – a non-lego-y person – a big box before buying my hubby one! Oops

The gear pieces are sliding onto a long ...stick? Lego thing...I don't know how to describe it, like 4 stick Legos that jut up into the air and these slide onto.

Me, all ready to become a Lego girl:

A selfie with me showing off the gears all lined up on the 4 stick things, the beginnings of typewriter mechanics

And here’s where it starts to look like a typewriter:

The letters for the typewriter are added to the block, and you can see the gears in back.

It’s about this point that I start worrying the letters don’t “work”, they don’t go up and down much when you “type”. And I realize I’m in over my head, I have no idea when they’re supposed to work.


Newsflash for Lego typewriter building for…well…anyone…

It’s not supposed to work yet, and the instructions will actually say when they are.

Bonus tip: the spacebar isn’t supposed to work. No need to freak out about that.

Building out the back gear area more. I wish I knew typewriter speak, someone's gonna tell me none of this is "gears" 😅

That one spot started the worrying. That I bit off more than I can chew & just one mistake would make this into that “puzzle” scenario where it becomes frustrating instead of exciting.

In this pic, there are actual circular gear things, not just my hypothetical gears. Plus, the hammer that puts the ink on the paper, I mean, if this typewriter had ink. And some cool gold spring-y thing that moves back and forth as the gears move.

I did actually make a couple mistakes, but thankfully ones with minimal backtracking. Guess we’ll have to find out another day if messups will make me ditch Legos as my new leisurely activity.

The typewriter now looks like a typewriter, with the "shell" built out around the gears.

And it’s finished! I loved it, and it was super user friendly for newbies. My main questions were around “what are the norms I don’t know about” and none of that tripped me up, and maybe that’s ’cause it’s a “you do you” situation 🙂


I wish there were a way to make a similar one with clear casing to see the inner workings because it’s phenomenal. Check it out:

Oh! One last tip: the stickers are in the cardboard that holds the instruction manual! Don’t throw that away too soon like I almost did. Find them first.

So would I do it again?

Would I build another Lego set? Uhmmm…. I’ve kind of got 3 “on deck” now since starting this build. I’m in love and probably so broke as I plan on working on the bouquet, dinosaurs, and bonsai tree next. Oh and of course I like the super expensive sets like ship in a bottle, Titanic, piano, treehouse… you get the drill. If you wanna support this new obsession, you can buy my quirky mystery or ten or a thousand. Thanks for tuning in to this Lego overload 🙂

Note: If you’re interested in the Lego typewriter,
you can purchase through this affiliate link and I may receive a portion of sales.

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  1. I like this post so much I’ll share it on Facebook and Twitter.

    Interestingly, my wife has done mega-Lego sets: 1) 50s diner; 2) tree house; 3) Bugatti. After the last, Julie had enough. 3,000 pieces. She’s done.

  2. As a fellow AFOL we all have that moment when not sure to open two bags with the same number LOL and then there is that constant fear of a piece being missing and the relief when you find it under another !! Lego is a brain work out on so many levels !

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