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A different kind of mystery

I think we can all agree that I like weird books, or at least, weird-adjacent ones (you can see my top 10 list from a few years ago here). Staying neatly within all the genre conventions, not exactly my thing; blending genres, even better.

When I began reading my friend Andy Zach’s new book (or, newer…he publishes faster than I can read!), I just knew I needed to do a post about different sorts of mysteries, mysteries told a little differently than all the books you first would see on the “Mystery” genre section of Amazon or your favorite bookshop.

Zombie Detective

From the author of zombie turkeys comes a who-dun-it, and zombie turkeys and zombie squirrels and other zombie critters aren’t the only thing going bump in the night when a serial killer is on the loose. Is it comedy, satire, action adventure, or all of the above? check it out to see for yourself.

(The link here is an affiliate link; at no additional cost to you, I may receive a portion of sales made through this link.)

picture of book cover "Zombie Detective" by Andy Zach. A presumed detective with top hat peers through the window blinds, and a lady looks off in the middle distance. Turkeys walk across the bottom of the cover with a skyscape in the back. The man's shadow also looks eerily like a turkey across the wall.

I Know You Like a Murder

psychological mystery fiction, "I Know You Like a Murder" book by Amy L Sauder, wrapped in a crime scene tape bow with a wooden backdrop

Ahh, of course, my book. That thing I call a quirky mystery, where the reader is the detective and the murderer is the narrator (talk about unreliable!). Break open the crime scene tape and solve the case before it’s too late!

Not your typical mystery

I love mysteries like TV shows LOST and Lucifer. Where the mystery isn’t your standard mystery, or not told in your standard form, or told in the standard format but with a twist. You get the gist. I with all the love of true crime and hundreds of tv shows with mysteries and hundreds of books around mysteries and the huge fanbase of psychological thrillers right now (which are their own twist on a mystery)… I’m betting there are others like me out there, who want a mystery with a twist.

I’m so excited that my next book, the one I’m querying or selfpublishing or _something_ soon, has an investigator, with a touch of the supernatural and a whole lot of not-your-typical-mystery. I can’t wait to share this circus story with you! And in the meantime, I’d love to hear about your own different sort of mystery – the one you’ve written, the one you’re writing, the one you’re reading or watching, the one you love. Tell me in the comments so I can add to my list!

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