Image of a mailing from Norah Aven Chronicles Flower Letters - includes letter, sticker, and newspaper article.
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The Flower Letters: a different way to story

I always love finding and learning about different story structures. So when I heard about The Flower Letters, I had to snag it up. Receive a story in the mail over the course of a year, in the medium of letters the characters write. (Plus bonus fun things like stickers and newspaper articles and such that broaden the story world more!) Check out the most recent mailing I received below:

Here is the most recent mailing I’ve received of the Norah Aven Chronicles

The Audrey Rose Collection and the Lily Clara Collection are both historical romance, and the Norah Aven Chronicles is low fantasy grounded in our world. And you can even get a beautiful collection tin to store the letters over time! If you’re wanting to get excited about opening your mailbox again, if you want a different way to story, check them out.

I love finding new ways to approach a story, and The Flower Letters delivered. (Literally!) I’m not to this level yet. For now I’ve got a crime scene tape bow with my story. But inspiration is the spark, right?

I am honored to be an affiliate for The Flower Letters, and I receive a portion of sales made through their links in this post. (I only recommend things I’ve fallen in love with myself. I’m passionate about small businesses, creative expression, and stories, and I’m excited to share with you this beautiful business that blends it all together.)

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