A dystopian mermaid Christmas story for you

The Cost of Holiday Cheer by Amy L. Sauder & by Jaclyn (proprietor of Amica Mea)   “Santa didn’t like me.” “Madlyn, eat…” her father Greg frowned. An awkward Fischer dinner was to be expected, the weekly pad thai a miniscule pretense of normalcy. Greg would look with pleading eyes at his wife, Lilith. Lilith… Continue reading A dystopian mermaid Christmas story for you


A Very Mermaid Christmas

Or, a Christmas more impossible than Unicorns and Pocket Pandas <3 No, my obsession with mermaids isn't quite over yet 😉 In fact, I have an eerie holiday tale written just for you! My White Winter Hymnal dystopian story - Turn the White Snow - wasn't creepy enough, so I teamed up with Jaclyn -… Continue reading A Very Mermaid Christmas

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A not-so-merry blogmas

Okay, it can be merry for you if you want. But for me, it will be eerie and creepy and sinister. Muahaha. Want to tell a holiday story (of any genre)? Step out into the wild unknown of someone else's blogspace? Reach a whole new audience with your wondrous words? Join the December blogmas event… Continue reading A not-so-merry blogmas

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My Christmas tree guards the gifts

I don't need an Elf on a Shelf. My Christmas tree is my own gift guard, and she makes less of a mess. Meet Delilah. You can see her adventures (or misadventures) on my facebook and twitter under #DelilahTales.    Delilah's Christmas tree outfit didn't just happen. Last year I had a test case (that turned… Continue reading My Christmas tree guards the gifts

christmas tree dress form design
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How To Make a Christmas Tree Mannequin

If you were around the interwebs leading up to Christmas, you probably saw the mannequins-turned-christmas-tree. Here's one example.  When a friend shared this with me, I was quite excited to try it out myself, but all of the how-to's I found had elaborate steps with obscure materials I didn't have the time or know-how for.… Continue reading How To Make a Christmas Tree Mannequin

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Penguins Can’t Love Snowmen

He just showed up out of nowhere, all prim and proper with his top-hat and button-up. She tried to style with her tux, but the waddling and flops don't quite work for that. He says it's endearing. Still, her wings can't straighten the mess of hair atop her head, and well no one ever offered her… Continue reading Penguins Can’t Love Snowmen