Once Upon 6 Months Ago…

There was a handsome prince who scoured the land. We call him a snowman. Or Wisconsin Guy. Or more commonly, Josh.

He came upon this princess here. We call her a penguin. Or Amy L Sauder. Or just Amy, I suppose.


In his attempts to woo this princess, he accidentally created a blog….oops? He wrote this. And this.  And this. Isn’t he perfect? 🙂



He noticed she was without a whisk, so he bought her one. He noticed she was without flowers on a sad day, so he sent her some. He noticed she was without a boyfriend, and he swept her off her feet.


And as of Saturday of this week, they’ll have known each other for 6 months.


So most my posts aren’t gonna wax eloquent about my amazing Wisconsin guy, but this one will. I’ve loved these 6 months and it’s just not enough time. Maybe in 3000 weeks we can reevaluate, but I think I want to spend just about every minute with you, my Wisconsin Guy.


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