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Pirate queen photo session

Just to remind us who we are, me and Kim dressed up as steampunk pirates for a photo session. I only needed one for the earlier blogposts, but how could I not post these! Costuming by Kim Kouski. Check out her site for geeky discourse. Photography by Yasmeen Hudson. Check out her site for real… Continue reading Pirate queen photo session

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Pirate queens get a happily ever after too

I would love to hear a feminist analysis of this, but I don't think I'm studied enough in feminist theory to do it justice. But the themes of this tale are still true of all us dreamers. Here I continue my analysis of the story of two queens and how their dreams correlate with us… Continue reading Pirate queens get a happily ever after too

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Our pirate queen woes

Hasn't everyone always wanted a musical where the female alto is the lead and the female soprano is the villain? Wish granted! With pirates, no less. What more could you want? This post continues my summary of the story of two queens, analyzing how it depicts us dreamer souls *Psst! Read part 1 here* Sidebar: See,… Continue reading Our pirate queen woes

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We’re all pirate queens

Under-appreciated. Emotional. Irish. I'd like to think I'm two of those things, but the Pirate Queen musical gets all three 😉 So while recommending this soundtrack that I just can't be rid of, I thought I'd share how we all are basicly pirate queens. Us creative souls, us dreamers, we can relate to the ups… Continue reading We’re all pirate queens