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The myth of 2 options: starving artist or household name

Ya know that myth of only two options, where in books & films any author is either a starving artist or a bestseller household name, no in between? Of course that comes from a scarcity mindset, but more specifically I've been thinking this comes from humans just not being able to grasp super large numbers easily, like for instance, how big a population of 8 billion people really is. Check out this blog post where I break down how many books you need to sell as an author.

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To break a mermaid curse

You may recall for Halloween I shared definitive proof that I am cursed by mermaids. I had a great discussion about breaking the curse with Beware of the Reader <-- which can we all agree that is the best bookblog name ever? The curse all started when I didn't show up to a magical disappearing lake… Continue reading To break a mermaid curse