Life, the universe, and mythological creature conspiracy theories of a mermaid kind

a couple years ago I guestblogged elsewhere about how I was cursed by mermaids, and now I'm sharing it here with you. Without further ado, here's the post where we all squeal and gush about mermaids. Or, how I almost discovered the secret of the mermaids like three times over...

mermaid knee-high socks

To break a mermaid curse

You may recall for Halloween I shared definitive proof that I am cursed by mermaids. I had a great discussion about breaking the curse with Beware of the Reader <-- which can we all agree that is the best bookblog name ever? The curse all started when I didn't show up to a magical disappearing lake… Continue reading To break a mermaid curse


Close encounters of a mermaid kind

I found definitive proof that I have been cursed by mermaids. But wait! I can't share the secret here, it's much too easy to track. You have to go look at my guestpost elsewhere to hear about my mermaid encounters and the curse and what will soon take place. Go quickly, read, before you miss… Continue reading Close encounters of a mermaid kind