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Event planning for authors

What in the world makes ME think I'm qualified to speak on this topic? What, I planned one booklaunch and a wedding reception(s) and suddenly I'm some event planning guru? Ha. No. But, as an introvert that can't stand crowds and loved both of these events I put together, I thought I'd share for funsies & solidarity....

for the Writers

A not-so-merry blogmas

Okay, it can be merry for you if you want. But for me, it will be eerie and creepy and sinister. Muahaha. Want to tell a holiday story (of any genre)? Step out into the wild unknown of someone else's blogspace? Reach a whole new audience with your wondrous words? Join the December blogmas event… Continue reading A not-so-merry blogmas

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Central IL

Ignite Peoria & 500 wishes

Ignite Peoria is a creative arts event in my city. It's happened a few years now, but this was my first year attending. Of course I had to dress creatively for the event, and had to get a picture of my fun outfit: It's not quite like most creative arts fairs where you attend and… Continue reading Ignite Peoria & 500 wishes