Countdown to I Know You Like a Murder launch…Ready to party?

Counting down to the release of my book, I Know You Like a Murder. 
Are you ready? Will it be on your tablet or doorstep October 23? You can preorder now, and I’ll get packing it up for you so it’s not a day late.

6 thoughts on “Countdown to I Know You Like a Murder launch…Ready to party?”

    1. I found this cool tool: https://prod.sendtric.com/

      Just input the info and it gives you HTML to paste anywhere. (Just make sure to paste it into the HTML tab, not visual, in WordPress. For MailChimp newsletters, use the “Code” box.)

        1. Oh interesting. I’m not sure how/if it would work there then. You can at least try with your email updates maybe!

          1. Ohhhhh okay, I get it now. Wouldn’t have guessed that’s what it meant.

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