Life is a mystery. You’re the detective.

“We are all detectives with every good story.” That’s what my friend Amber said when reading I Know You Like a Murder.
It’s true.
Books invite the reader to figure out what’s happening between the lines. And a good story keeps the reader guessing.
In “I Know You Like a Murder”, you as the reader are the detective. You’re quite literally invited into the story. By the murderer. As the detective. It’s very meta.
But that’s more than books. That’s life.
Life keeps you guessing what will happen next. Life invites you into the story. Of wonder and curiosity, twists and turns, fairy tales and monsters.
We are all detectives with every good story. And you’re in one. You’re in a good story (even when it doesn’t feel like it).
This is your cheesy inspirational post reminder:
Don’t just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Get up. Explore. Detectivize. Find out what’s around the corner and on the next page.

Dear reader,
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The Big News Just Keeps Coming!

I’m all sorts of busy with plans all over the place. New writing projects. OLD writing projects (gosh, I can’t forget those!) Spring cleaning (yikes.) Regular cleaning (double yikes.) Yes, I’m juggling, just like all of you. But I’m juggling exciting things. I’m suuuuper psyched about sharing with all of you.


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Until then, the news will show up on my blog over the next couple weeks….stay tuned!

While you wait, do share! What are your best tips for time management when you have a billion things on your plate?


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