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If you read this blog, I wanna hear from you!

In this New Year, what are you hoping to read on here?
Book reviews?
My poetry and short stories?
More info on my Work-In-Progress?
Guest posts?
What would you like more of? Less of? What can I add that I haven’t even thought of?

Which posts make you all giddy to see and which posts do you scroll right past?

I wanna know! Please comment your feedback, or click on the “Contact Me” link above if you prefer to send a private message. But I want your thoughts, so pleeeeeease share! 🙂


Colorado, Here I Come….

I’m on vacation and headed to Colorado for the beginning to mid-October. When I return, my birthday is just around the corner. Due to these special occasions, I’m thinking it’s blogging break time. I’ll return to the blogosphere either end of October or beginning of November with some updates on my writing, reading, and literary adventures.

While I’m gone, feel free to keep me updated on your writing or reading in the comments below. I’d love to stay in the loop!


Construction Zone



Excuse the mess.

While I’m figuring out the site’s inner workings, change is inevitable. I’m a slow learner technologically speaking.


Coming soon!

Writer’s pages

Reader’s pages

Blogposts begin Thursday – come back and see! Join the conversation.


Any questions or comments, comment below. Thanks for stopping by and would love to have you become a “regular.”