A Very Mermaid Christmas

Or, a Christmas more impossible than Unicorns and Pocket Pandas <3

No, my obsession with mermaids isn’t quite over yet 😉 In fact, I have an eerie holiday tale written just for you!

My White Winter Hymnal dystopian story – Turn the White Snow – wasn’t creepy enough, so I teamed up with Jaclyn – Proprietor of Amica Mea – for a new holiday horror story.


Find some time this holiday weekend to get away from the hubbub and read The Cost of Holiday Cheer for some chills.

Here’s my Christmas greetings to you: I hope your awkward family Christmas isn’t as awkward as this one 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Very Mermaid Christmas”

  1. Hey, I’m terribly jealous of your ability to actually whip up stories. I planned on writing my own stories this year, but none of them ever followed through because I lacked the time and priorities and insert millions of other excuses here. Will definitely check out yours, though!

    Shealea @ That Bookshelf Bitch

    P.S. As promised, I’m leaving 🎄💖✨🎄💖✨ in my wake. Happy holidays!

    1. Ssshhh, here’s my secret: telling someone I’ll post a story makes it that much more likely to actually write the story because I’ll have people bugging me about it 😉

      but hey, I understand having other priorities for sure! You can only do so much and need to choose where that focus will be! based on your recent graduation, I’d say you had your focus in the right place and maybe a story will be your focus soon enough 😉

      1. I can def agree that committing to write with or for others is a game changer. This was my first completed fiction story in *cough* 8 years. Amy was not only a total pro to write with, but a kind, calm friend during the weeping meltdown of self-destructive condemnation I obviously had near deadline.

        Shealea– I’m sure there will be another writing event on somebody’s site (maybe even Amica Mea… ^_^) at a time that will work for you. The only reason I hosted Blogmas was because I was inspired by Amy writing for MNBernard Book’s Halloween writing event. Cheers! <3

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