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Marie Kondoing your time

First question: Which of the things you spend your time on spark joy? That’s the easy part. This is where all my creative aspirations go. But there’s a next part. Because I knowwww that you spend time doing the dishes and it *never* sparks joy.


Still learning to juggle a platform

  If there's two types of people in the world: Minimalist: Keeps as little as possible Hoarder: Gets rid of as little as possible then I am absolutely neither of them. But of course that's a very sparse definition of minimalists and hoarders. I could go the other way: If there's two types of people… Continue reading Still learning to juggle a platform

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The Award for Saying “No”

I recently attended an awards ceremony with some coworkers. As the host rattled off all the achievements of the award recipients - career, parenting, volunteering, church involvement, chair and member of various boards, alongside various other activities and accomplishments - wow! I realized: "I will NEVER receive an award like this." Maybe you think I'm… Continue reading The Award for Saying “No”