Let’s be real for a bit. Thank you.

As I’m preparing to go full steam ahead in the new year, I don’t want to pretend these past couple years didn’t exist. I don’t want to pretend that I’m some machine that will keep churning out things all the time.

I have been seriously MIA thru 2020-2021. You know this, I know this, so let’s not pretend. With all the Covid stuff, I completely stopped all in person events and moved fully online. I say that, but actually, I also stepped back from online spaces a bit because of all the things.

And hey, if some creator steps away, you have the total freedom to move on too. You can unsubscribe from that email, you can unfollow and disengage, you can find other things to spend your time and money on especially in this economy, right? And yet, you’re here.

Even with fewer posts, my blog traffic stayed steady. I saw sporadic sales of my book and clothes with few marketing efforts where I honestly just figured I’d take a loss. And for these two years of quiet, I’ve had patrons continuing to contribute consistently so I can have funds to keep this website up and continue working on my novel. I am blessed to have a faithful community around me. I am excited to jump back into the thick of things in 2022 and publish Unfixed so you all can see what has been built in this quiet season. Thank you.

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