The Big News Just Keeps Coming!

I’m all sorts of busy with plans all over the place. New writing projects. OLD writing projects (gosh, I can’t forget those!) Spring cleaning (yikes.) Regular cleaning (double yikes.) Yes, I’m juggling, just like all of you. But I’m juggling exciting things. I’m suuuuper psyched about sharing with all of you.


Want a sneak peek? I updated my home page. Want a bigger sneak peak? I have an exclusive email list that will receive major news updates first…this is an occasional email when there is big news for you – new publications, resources, materials, or fun stuff. This email is not on a set schedule or regular basis, so don’t freak if you don’t receive updates for awhile…that’s when my projects are in the works 🙂 So what are you waiting for?…sign up!


Until then, the news will show up on my blog over the next couple weeks….stay tuned!

While you wait, do share! What are your best tips for time management when you have a billion things on your plate?


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