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Our pirate queen woes

Hasn't everyone always wanted a musical where the female alto is the lead and the female soprano is the villain? Wish granted! With pirates, no less. What more could you want? This post continues my summary of the story of two queens, analyzing how it depicts us dreamer souls *Psst! Read part 1 here* Sidebar: See,… Continue reading Our pirate queen woes

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Build it before Ellen DeGeneres shows up

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A Letter to the Unsure Dreamer

Dear Unsure Dreamer, Wow. I know, the place you're in sucks. I think we all end up unsure at some time or another. Maybe fear is crushing your confidence. Maybe you want something you just can't afford to have - and I'm not talking about money, I'm talking about cost. Your energy, your time, your… Continue reading A Letter to the Unsure Dreamer