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A Letter to the Unsure Dreamer

Dear Unsure Dreamer,

Wow. I know, the place you’re in sucks. I think we all end up unsure at some time or another. Maybe fear is crushing your confidence. Maybe you want something you just can’t afford to have – and I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about cost. Your energy, your time, your self.

Dreams are costly endeavors, and let me take a moment to applaud you. Maybe no one has. Maybe it seems that everyone sees you as a lowlife nobody going nowhere, because you just *talk* about your dream but never do anything about it.

Did you know there’s something admirable about where you’re at right now? You know those go-getters, who on a whim decide they’re going to go out and rule the world and take on everything before the day is done? They’re going to crash hard into reality with those rose-colored glasses on. They’re going to be blindsided by something you’ve taken the time to be aware of. When you choose to leap into your dream, you’ll do it with eyes wide open to the consequences, the cost, the life you’re choosing.

But you know what will happen to those rose glasses go-getters? They’ll be dazed, confused, jaded – but they’ll rush back into the thick of things quickly, they’ll learn, they’ll move on. So here’s my question: Will you?

Stop and think, consider all angles of your dream first, yes – but you need to move. You’re going to fail either way, so get the failure over with and onto the success. Learn and grow in the midst of trial and error, too. The world needs your dreams, so don’t get stuck in the waiting, in the studying, in the considering. Take some form of action today, even if it’s a small step toward your dream. Stop reading this blog and do something about it. Now. Go.

Your eagerly awaiting fan,
Amy L Sauder

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