for the Creatives

We’re all pirate queens

Under-appreciated. Emotional. Irish. I'd like to think I'm two of those things, but the Pirate Queen musical gets all three 😉 So while recommending this soundtrack that I just can't be rid of, I thought I'd share how we all are basicly pirate queens. Us creative souls, us dreamers, we can relate to the ups… Continue reading We’re all pirate queens

for the Creatives

Celebrities are People Too

From "Why I will never respect Meghan Trainor" to hating on TSwifts new haircut.... Did we forget our manners? Newsflash: celebrities are human, too. Do we mock our friend's new haircut to their face if we don't like it? No, we make a general comment on the new hairdo and move on. Would we point out an ugly haircut… Continue reading Celebrities are People Too


The Courage of Generosity

A friend gave me a devotional by Patricia Raybon for Christmas. I'm not much of a devotional person, I'm more of a jump-to-my-own conclusions person haha. But this devotional has been a nice calm to the beginning of my day. The week on Generosity really hit me. Messages on finances really get to me, maybe… Continue reading The Courage of Generosity