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My 6 step process to editing a book

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6 thoughts on “My 6 step process to editing a book”

    1. I’ve heard Grammarly is helpful! Didn’t try it this go-round, but maybe I can do that before I send to my second round of beta readers 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation

  1. I’m in the middle of editing my second book, and boy did I learn a lot from writing the first one! Anyway, I do have an editing process, but I think it’s an organic, one as well.

    After writing my first draft, I sent it out for friends to read and then I went through and considered their comments and edits. I remember someone saying that sending your draft our early to peers is helpful and I’d have to agree. I wish I had done it with the first one, but I was terrified by the prospect.

    Their insights were valuable and let me know that I had “something” and that it was worth moving forward. So, I am now in the process of going through my own edits and ideas based upon their comments that require futher thought and my own ideas of structure and basically being crazy, trying to make it the best possible.

    I also decided I needed to brush up on a good ‘how to write’ book. Luckily I found Stein on Writing and apparently, he’s supposed to be a big deal in the editing world and dipping into that here and again, gives me something new to consider or gives me assurance I’m on the right track.

    Oh, and then I’m going to give it to more folks to read again. But I’m not there yet. GAH! Editing!!!!

    (By the way, I think we’re in the same FB group (Nicole’s), so that’s how i found you :))

    1. Yes, we are in the same group! Nice to “meet” you in the WordPress world 🙂

      Absolutely, sending to friends is important! I chose to send to friends at the end of this editing process I outlined, and now that I have their feedback I’ll go more or less through this process again and using their feedback, and then I’ll send to other friends for a 2nd (hopefully final) go-round. So much process! lol.

      I haven’t read Stein’s On Writing yet, I’ll have to look into it. But writing books are great for a mixture of inspiration, motivation, and practical tips to get better. Love it!

      You’re ahead of me in your editing process it sounds like, but it’s always a learning process 🙂 and like you said, it definitely is very organic too.

      1. I’m not ahead! I’m “behind” in my world! I hate giving myself a timetable and watching the deadline slip by! Gaaaahhhhh!

        1. Hahahahaha, deadlines are difficult. I usually commit to a certain amount of time each week dedicated to making progress. I figure as long as I’m moving forward consistently, then I’m eventually going to reach the goal, so it’s something 🙂

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