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How I made my book look like a book

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8 thoughts on “How I made my book look like a book”

  1. Wow, I never imagined all of this work going into the design process. Thank you so much for the heads up because I would’ve been completely blind-sighted! It’s great to hear you working so diligently to make your goals a reality.

    1. Yes, prepare yourself! you can do it though 🙂

      And my goals are becoming more and more tangible by the minute! I just received my final book cover design last night <3

        1. P.S. I’ve fallen off the face of the WordPress planet the past month or so with all my busy-ness, but I keep thinking: “I need to get back on there and see Lyz’s blogposts. I’ve missed her take on life!” You’re in my thoughts specifically, more than any other blogger, and I will get back to fangirling over your posts real soon <3

          1. Oh my freaking goodness, Amy, you have no idea how much it matters to hear you say that. It’s such encouragement that I need right now. You’re so awesome, my love. 😍😚

    1. Haha yessss! I’m making edits from my beta readers and that means a couple formatting things I accidentally messed up and had to re-fix, and I’m just like “No, not again!!!!” ugh, so much work lol. But it’s exciting to see it starting to look book-ish instead of manuscript-ish at least 🙂

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