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I murdered for you & I’m not okay

in my book. I should probably clarify that.

But isn’t that a beautiful blogpost title? 😉

I finished the first draft of my quirky meta murder mystery!

Honestly, it happened so fast. I thought I’d be agonizing over the last couple scenes for days. And I just whipped them out and suddenly that was the last sentence and I felt like there should be so much more time in it, but nope, that was definitely my last sentence of the story.

Murder doesn’t take as long as you’d expect.

So I was on a celebratory high. For about 2 hours.

Then came the pits. It wasn’t the murder part. I can kill off characters okay, with maybe a teardrop if I’m super attached. It was the writing part though. Suddenly I wasn’t sure I could ever make my writing what I wanted it to be.

I was worried I would be the writer that wrote but never got good enough to publish.

Or worse, I published and everyone would hate it and I’d regret having that in my publication history.

Or worse, I published and think it’s awesome and people are too nice to tell me that I just added to the public slushpile.

I’m discouraged. Kinda terrified really.

I’m thinking of edits and beta readers and ways to put my story out there in the world for all you lovelies, and it’s like THE REAL DEAL.

So if you could send some encouragement my way, I would be so appreciative.

Now back to editing so you all can enjoy the fruits of murder 😉

9 thoughts on “I murdered for you & I’m not okay”

  1. It takes a lot of guts and hard work to write a book! From what I’ve heard, you would like you’re right in track ha! Good luck

  2. Writing takes a lot of time, practice, passion and commitment but you will reach your goal eventually. I am also struggling to get there but I know with God by my side I will reach the finishing line. Keep pressing and much blessings to you.

  3. All other comments incorporate what I would love to say to you, but one thing that I know is that writing is certainly hard work and wearing your soul on your sleeves. Keep at it. Well done.

  4. Hi Amy,
    I know Jacqueline. I also know Jason. I met you on his site. All writers go through doubt. That is one reason I like to hit schedule and not publish. I don’t get stage fright that way. That is my recommendation.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any Blogging Tips. That’s what I write about.

    1. Hi Janice, how nice to meet you! I love scheduling posts as well, that gets me to get it out there without endlessly perfecting it 🙂 just having the deadline for when it’s done, maybe I need to try that with my short story edits too.

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