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DNA of a writer: how my reading affects my writing

Last week I shared my top 10 books and their commonalities. Now you get to see the top 3 elements that are in more than half of my favorite books. *Props to Maggie Schoepke guessing there's a supernatural element in my fav books. I don't specify it that way here, but that's definitely related to these.*… Continue reading DNA of a writer: how my reading affects my writing

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DNA of a writer: My top 10 books

Ahh, the dreaded question: “What’s your favorite book?” Rachel Giesel was kind enough to expand it to “What’s your top 5 favorite books?” I’m taking part in a free online course to figure out my writerly DNA – analyzing who I am, what I read, and what I write to come up with who I… Continue reading DNA of a writer: My top 10 books


Strangers: A Secret Society

Who hasn't wanted to be part of a secret society? I'm a writer and educator, specifically for high schoolers. I can't do that alone. I need teenagers on the inside. I've created a facebook group to talk about weird writerly, readerly, teacherly, or weirderly things. I ask questions, my secret society of teenagers answer. Also… Continue reading Strangers: A Secret Society

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Book Review: The World Split Open

Great Authors on How and Why We Write This is a collection of speeches (in written form) on how and why we write. I have to admit some of the transcript seemed odd to have been spoken - it made me wonder if it was altered for text or if the person who spoke it… Continue reading Book Review: The World Split Open

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A Poem: Analyze This

One of the first moments where I felt I could actually be a successful writer (read: read writer) was when I was published in my college's student publication Impressions. As if publication was not enough, I tied for second place in that issue with my best college friend. While it was a small accomplishment, I'm still quite… Continue reading A Poem: Analyze This

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Unique Book Promotion

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Why I Do What I Do

I thought it fitting that I start this blog with an explanation. The book A Year of Writing Dangerously is full of inspiration for writers and ends with a list of 52 writer's prompts - one for each week of the year. Number 12 asks to write about why we want to write. My Response: I… Continue reading Why I Do What I Do