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Poem: What’s Your Emergency?

According to my brief look at the weather, it’s supposed to rain every day next week. Summer is just around the corner though….right?! Here’s my most recent poem, actually not written during a thunderstorm, but during a wonderful time of rainless worship at my church.


What’s Your Emergency?

The thunder cracked like a whip
and brought a splatter of fat raindrops.
Wipers flip-flapped to smear the blobs,
hardly help against the looming thunderheads.
The fujita scale was threatening
as the wind gust tugged and the car lurched.
Blackness, blurs of white and yellow,
hinting a stripe somewhere to follow.
Lightning crashed – I could see –
and then I was spinning. So dizzy.
I’m lost. Tears mix with the rain.
I imagine them splatting the window from the donuts.
Where are you? I’m flipping,
and my stomach flip-flops as if wishing to stay upright.
I can’t see. Not through the tears and flips and wipers and stripes.
I don’t want to be here. Come back.
Can you call 911? Something’s broken.

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