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My Characters Respond to Your Problems

My goal of writing 1000 words this weekend flopped. Due to a minor personal crisis. Sure, I could write through crises, I mean that’s what we’re supposed to do. But I was a slacker.

Lucky for me, I was venting my problems to my friend and unofficial business manager, Yasmeen. Out of the blue she said, “What would Analiese say to you right now?”

“Suck it up!” was my response.

And despite my not writing practically anything this weekend, there was one thing I wrote:

What My Characters Would Say About My [& Your] Problems

In case you wondered what characters think, in case you wondered what it’s like to pour your problems out at a Freaks Anonymous meeting, in case you wanted some group therapy, here ya go:

    • Mrs. Trencher – “Hush hush, someone may hear. We’ll get you to a Doctor, get this fixed right up.”
    • Mr. Trencher – *buries head in book*
    • Dr. Wise – “Is that all? Not fascinating at all. Dr. Evil can fix you right up.”
    • Dr. Evil – “Is that all? I don’t give a wit about you, all I care about is ol’ Gep, but of course I can get you a right fascinating problem for that coot Wise if I really wanted.”
    • Geppetto – “There, there. I’m sure we can work this out for all of us. You just need family. We’ll be your family” *hands over lifelong contract for me to sign*
    • Sylas – “What’d you expect, a couple freaks like us?”
    • Analiese – “Suck it up, you spoiled rich brat. Suck. It. Up. Poooor you, you have it soooo hard. Deal with it.”
    • Phoebe – “Well I suppose I can’t say I understand where you’re at. Never will, never can at least. That must be rough, I’m so sorry.”
    • Nick – “It’ll be a’ight. Give it time. You’ll get used to us.”
    • Sullivan – *nods head empathetically, saunters off ‘cause no one’s looking*
    • RaeChae – “Get over yourself, we need to do something. There’s a bigger problem. Get rid of big problem, maybe little you problem goes away. Now, what’s the plan?”
    • Jasper – *hands The Forgettable some paper and pen*
    • The Forgettable – *scribbles note* “Read this once I’m gone.” *Leaves* Note says: “For Freedom: get out now!”
    • Narrator – “Maybe it’s good I can’t remember. Maybe I’d have more problems. But maybe having a reason for problems is worth it…?”

    • Julia – “Wow, you just throw it all out there, yeah? Dump it on anyone who will listen? Hmmm. Well, let’s get you out of this mess.” *leaps right into the ‘mess’ before making a plan*

What About YOU?

What do you think your favorite character (not just from my unpublished book) would say about life’s problems?
And which of my characters do you think you’re most like when responding to someone’s life problems?

7 thoughts on “My Characters Respond to Your Problems”

  1. I like ALL the responses. The one that really made me laugh was the Forgettable! I like him. And Nick’s too. 😉

    1. Yeah, that Forgettable XD hehehe. And you always like Nick! I could have him have the most boring answer and you’d still like Nick….but in all truth, he is quite adorbs 😉 So who do YOU respond like, Yazzers?

      1. lol well I don’t really see a response that I, myself would say… but if I had to choose, it’d prob be Julia or Phoebe. 😀 And not JUST because I love them, haha.

  2. Okay, JUST figured out what some of my characters would say. I’m using Half-Shape characters for this one.

    Terra: “Well first of all, suck it up and act like a big girl. Secondly, who’s responsible? Okay, yeah, that’s what I thought. Let me grab my gun.”

    Collin: “Life doesn’t always go as planned. You hafta roll with the punches. We’ll get you through this, trust me.”

    Henry: *fast typing on computer* “I’m busy. Figure it out.”

    Madame Kowalsky: “Send the girl to fix it.”

    Mala: *awkward silence* “I’m afraid I cannot understand what the problem is. I am, after all, only half-human.”

    Baaki: “It cannot possibly be as bad as all that. Let’s think this through logically.”

    Kelvin: *Raises an eyebrow* *stares you down*

      1. I know! They just popped into my head and I was like “This HAS to be the characters”. And yes, #halfshapers can totally be the fanbase name! Thanks for naming it for me!

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