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It’s not like you just say “Let there be…” and there is.

No, it’s this lovely and dreaded cycle.

It all starts with an idea. Then another. And another. And soon it’s just an overload of ideas. But one idea, that idea won’t leave you alone. It just keeps nigglin’ at the back of your brain, demanding attention like a constant drip.

Draft one. Seems like everything’s going fine until you stumble, and then you’re on to

Draft two. And the worst part is when it’s so horrific you have you scrap the whole darn thing, save your niggling idea Noah and a couple of each animal species. Sometimes you just wish for there to be a Moses in your story to cry out, “No! Don’t give up, your reputation is at stake. Why should people say you can’t follow through?! You’ve got the chops to fix the mess we’re in.” But what if Moses is preposterous and you’re all the way back to

Draft one. Déjà vu.

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