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The “Guardian of Ever After” for the Outcasts

I’ve been inducted into the Outcasts Bloghouse and dubbed the Guardian of Ever After.  No cool kids allowed!

Also, I’m pretty sure this is our theme song:

Or is it this one:

We’ll have to create a soundtrack 🙂

Join the adventure and expect crazy mad times in the treehouse…we’ll be Pan & Tink & Swiss Family Robinson & nymphs & woodcreatures & pirates. And now excuse me while I CANNONBALLLLLLLLLLL out of this treehouse into Mermaid Lagoon 😉

(Speaking of pirates, stay tuned:
my next 4 blogposts are about how pirate-y us creatives are.)

8 thoughts on “The “Guardian of Ever After” for the Outcasts”

  1. Although I liked the entire post, the grande finale was simply the best. So many creatures! Lord of the Flies and wood nymphs and mermaids, oh my. And I totally envisioned you cannonballing into this really blue lagoon. The finale was a true work of literature.

      1. Oh my goodness, I’m glad I said something. Don’t you jus love those moments when your brain is firing and the ideas and words just start coming together?

  2. Hehe, I love meeting people madder than myself (side note: my auto correct changed people into apoplectic… so, yeah, I love meeting apoplectic people madder than myself) 😊

    I like both theme songs but perhaps the YouTube ad that came on before the Glee tune was most apt; 🎼Ovulin… the most accurate pregnancy test there is🎼

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