Indy Trip 2015: Scavenger Hunt Cont.

Scavenge: Part 2


Our day started with the search for glow-in-the-dark Abe Lincoln, which just led us to a creepy alley….I don’t think he’s there. So we moved on to the Atomic Bowl and found some cool picturesque spots in that area.


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The Slippery Noodle Inn, with gangster bullets inside, was closed. We still snapped some photos there. Rumor has it, this staircase is what the gangsters used to sneak in and out of the building. (Yes, I know, I started that rumor too.)


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Next came the Elvis Last Concert plaque and the Coach of the Leg Lamps, neither of which we found, though I’m pretty sure we actually drove past both of them. We did find this adorable little theater and the Weber Grill though!













Next we took some dance lessons from the Electronic Gogo Dancer. Whoohoo!!!













And our anticlimactic finish was finding the Large Cow. We did it! Didn’t find every item on the list, but we did find the Indy spirit, some great pictures, and an adventure – which is exactly what we were searching for all along 🙂


Faith, for the Creatives

Indy Trip 2015: Karitos

Karitos Indy 2015

Karitos brings together artists of all types – musicians, dancers, writers, painters, actors, and everything in between. We have breakout sessions on our area of interest, but all get together for large sessions to be all artsy together. It’s also a Christian conference, so the best part is we learn about glorifying God in and through our art, as well as life. I love that there’s this comraderie of we’re-all-in-this-together instead of a spirit of competition and narcissism (quite common among creatives, even myself.) Such a refreshing retreat! I am mostly writer, so most of the sessions I went to were about writing.

My favorite parts were the general sessions all together, but I appreciated a lot of other parts. I came up with a blogpost idea from Paul Lloyd’s Blogging session. It will be titled “How to Find the Circus.” Be looking for that in the near future 🙂 He also gave lots of ideas for content to publish – I’m toying with the idea of making some vlogs because of his session, even though I’m even less videogenic than I am photogenic. We’ll see.

Leanzar Stockley’s worship session continued his theme from last year, on loving others and reconciliation. He reminded us that our art is for God and others – we dance or write or paint or sing for others.

In Donna Cherry’s “Taking It to the Streets” she said everywhere she goes, she assumes she’s sent. So refreshing to remember wherever I am, God has me there for a reason. Living with expectation. She also talked about a healing that happened through her, though she wasn’t even praying for healing. Just with an unintentional touch. She said we shouldn’t think that God will only work through us when we’re trying to have Him work through us. So true. It made me think of the woman healed by touching Jesus’ cloak. And He said, “Who touched me? I felt power go out from me.” JESUS unintentionally healed, why not us?

Finally, in Tim Swain’s Spoken Word session, it was fun to play with spoken word and presentation – as well as his exortation to make writing excellent, because Christians tend towards “If it’s for God, it doesn’t have to be quality.” Ughhhhh, that’s one lie that irks me from Christian culture. Don’t think that you can slide by in mediocrity because you have the stamp of Jesus approval on your work. Excellence is so key. Tim Swain said, “They’ll respect your art before they respect your message.”

One of my favorite parts of Karitos is getting to know other artists, other stories, other dreams. Here’s Linda Harris-Iorio’s artwork that was displayed and/or painted right there – her connection with God’s heart is so encouraging.


I’m so pumped for the big event – Karitos Retreat in Chicago. Cause one Karitos just isn’t enough 🙂 Come join me! After Karitos ended, we headed to finish our scavenger hunt (come back for tomorrow’s post.)


Indy Trip 2015: Scavenger Hunt

We put the “I” in Indianapolis!!!!



A few weekends ago, I took a roadtrip to Indianapolis with my friend Yasmeen. We were attending a creative arts conference called Karitos, but we wanted something to do with our extra time to explore Indy. After much searching for something free and more unique than the typical tourist traps (museum, zoo, blah, blah, blah,) we discovered and decided to do an Indy Scavenger Hunt to find all of the Indianpolis oddities listed on their site. What fun! Here’s the outcome of our trip, in 3 posts going up today (obviously), tomorrow, and Saturday. Bring it!

Scavenge: Part 1

Our first goal was the Galyan Bear, which resides in this park.

Since it costs money to enter, we snapped a photo and moved on to the next stop: Futuristic Pyramids.


We found the pyramids, as well as a scenic fountain that misted over us in the breeze.










A demolished road tried to hide the large bowling pin from us, but we got mad skillz. We forgot a bowling ball to knock it down.

The Twisted House at Artspark is definitely in the running for our fav find. The entire Artspark is gorgeous and so fun to explore, so we hope to explore more another trip. We felt a lil like posers with all the legit artist community around us, but it was so fun pretending to be legit with them 🙂
























We couldn’t find the Martin Luther sculpture, so instead we drove past a Library in a Box.


Next we went to the Children’s Museum to see dinosaurs breaking out of (and into) the building.














Do you know the Muffler Man? He lives on 16th Street.11188383_10100166776637052_2714135844214988511_n







Thru the gate and the trees and the building is the Medical History Museum, where they have an autopsy room and brains in jars. Also, rumor has it that the people we saw digging were uncovering dead bodies (yes, I totally started that rumor. But you know it’s true.)


The day held a whole bunch of crazy fun sites. And we still had so many more to go, but first, Karitos! (Read tomorrow’s post on that.)