My Creative Projects

If you give an author a wedding…

…she’ll stretch her creative muscles in a new way 🙂

I put a pause on writing to plan a bigger celebration than my booklaunch party. I got to use my creativity in writing & designing the invites, decor, floor plan, music, and so much more for my wedding celebration.

It was fun to get together with friends and family and put together something beautiful. This event included games, popcorn, danish layer cake, and coloring tablecloths. It was so special to pull off what we’d hoped for.

I especially love working with other artists on something amazing: bouquets and florals by Sola Wood Flowers, wooden guestbook by Crafty Arty Fox, recipe guestbook by WoodCook Studio.

Another creative aspect, I loved working with hubby on our own soundtrack, 6 full hours of love songs one or both of us handpicked. It included songs from great love stories, as well as classics with themes of home, finding one another, and of course books.

If you’re a writer or other creative, embrace the moments of expressing your unique creativity, even if it’s not your typical medium. It may not be perfect for everyone, but it may be perfectly you.

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