[I Know You Like a Murder is] Absolutely amazing. My jaw literally dropped.

Stephanie Gagnon

It really felt like I was being pulled into the investigation. [I Know You Like a Murder is] an intriguing read. It kept me guessing until the very end!

Linda Heller

I don’t get tripped up in whodunnits very often because I have read so many, so it was refreshing to be wrong this time.

Heather Reid

Charming deviation from a classic mystery. Satisfy your curiosity for the macabre, mystery, and witty villain banter with this book. The fourth-wall-breaking smarminess interlaced with a quirky tale of murder makes it a highly enjoyable read.

Be prepared to guess, then guess again from a charming deviation from a classic mystery. I highly enjoyed this narrator-led twisted maze of a story and recommended to anyone who enjoys a bit of intrigue, humor, and purposeful mayhem.

Monica Grugett

Delightful! [I Know You Like a Murder] is a mystery told from the murderer’s point of view. Several times I suspected one person of being the murderer but the final reveal was great, complete with motive. Any lover of murder mysteries must read this creative and original take on the genre.

Andy Zach

[I Know You Like a Murder] is SUCH a quirky meta mystery & I’m 100% on board.

Olivia J. Bennett

If you’re looking for a copyeditor who will treat your manuscript with respect while still finding it’s flaws, you want Amy. Without fail, I found myself realizing her suggested edits were 100% needed to make my manuscript stand out and flow correctly.

Megan Fatheree

Amy’s enthusiasm for writing makes her the perfect person to come alongside anyone looking to up their writing game. A born encourager and teacher, she spends countless hours mentoring and pushing the serious student beyond their comfort zone. She has encouraged me in my writing, schooled me in the fine art of blogging, and kept me going when I wanted to give up.

Kathryn Nielson

My writing life has certainly improved since Amy became my coach!  Keeping me accountable, offering advice, counsel, and constructive criticisms and praises has kept me going. 

Honestly, I hadn’t written creatively much since college, but since she has been prodding me along, I have written more than I have in years! Amy has helped coax my story out of me slowly but surely, with encouraging words and suggestions. 

I am extremely thankful for her guidance and gentle (yet firm) reminders to keep me responsible for making sure I have written each time we meet. Thank you Amy, for your skills in coaching and encouraging!

Monica Coleman