I Know You Like a Murder

A mystery from the perspective of the murderer…
Dearest reader, trust no one.

I Know You Like a Murder is from the perspective of the murderer telling the reader the story. It takes place at the theater, with an outlandish cast of characters you’ll love and you’ll love to hate. It’s up to you as reader to detectivize, to determine who kills, who gets killed, and how it all goes down before it’s too late.

Each IKYLAM purchase from this site will be wrapped in a crime scene tape bow. Perfect for gifting, or you can break open the crime scene and solve the mystery yourself. 

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“A narrator always gets to know the reader before spilling their deepest secret.

I am a murderer.

She was just a silly nothing of a girl until I made her rise to fame. A pennything.

So, reader: sit down, cozy up. I’d offer a cup of tea, but you may worry it’s poisoned, and you may be correct.

But I can’t just tell you how she died. That’s too easy. Too quick. Buckle up: you’re in for a villainous monologue.”


Storytelling with a twist

How to solve a crime before book’s end…

Step 1: Order now to receive your murder mystery by mail. The mystery will come to your house in a few days time, but don’t worry about tidying up because…

A murder mystery experience for the introverts

It’s not a murder mystery dinner or game or box. It’s not even a podcast. But it’s close. It’s a murder mystery experience at home. Disguised as a contemporary psychological fiction, it’s a story for the introvert sleuth.

psychological mystery fiction

Will you solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Step 2: Cozy up with a chai latte or beverage of choice and begin reading. Meet the quirky fictional characters. Follow the clues. Most importantly, trust no one.  

Of course there’s a twist at the end.

Are you ready for the unexpected?

Step 3: Plot twist! Realize it’s too late. You fell headlong into this offbeat quirky tale and the crime has now been committed. It’s all right, though. That’s why it’s called crime fiction. That’s what books are for.  

Is this book suitable for young adult readers?

This psychological suspense has been read and enjoyed by teens age 16 and older. The content contains no foul language or adult scenes, but keep in mind that the mature psychological themes may be too intense for some readers since this is a story from the perspective of a psychopath killer.

Is this book suitable for a classroom setting or book club discussion?

I Know You Like a Murder is a perfect short story for a classroom setting looking for modern psychological literary fiction. An easy read with psychological and literary themes including fame, ambition, and psychopathy, as well as exploring the relationship between author, reader, and text.

Reviews of IKYLAM:

“This is SUCH a quirky meta mystery & I’m 100% on board.”

Olivia J. Bennett, author of Young adult fiction

“Great. Now I wanna make a character that breaks the fourth wall & insults the audience. Thanks, Amy.”

Megan Fatheree, author of sci-fi, thriller, & romance

“Delightful! Here is a mystery told from the murderer’s point of view. Several times I suspected one person of being the murderer but the final reveal was great, complete with motive. Any lover of murder mysteries must read this creative and original take on the genre. .”

Andy Zach, author of zombies, superheroes, & other humorous tales
psychological literary fiction

“Absolutely amazing. My jaw literally dropped.”

Stephanie Gagnon

“Oh no. I love this murderer. So cheeky & clever. AH! Inner turmoil…”

Jennifer Esther Wieland

Charming deviation from a classic mystery. Satisfy your curiosity for the macabre, mystery, and witty villain banter with this book. The fourth-wall-breaking smarminess interlaced with a quirky tale of murder makes it a highly enjoyable read.

Be prepared to guess, then guess again from a charming deviation from a classic mystery. I highly enjoyed this narrator-led twisted maze of a story and recommended to anyone who enjoys a bit of intrigue, humor, and purposeful mayhem.

Monica Grugett

“I don’t get tripped up in whodunnits very often because I have read so many, so it was refreshing to be wrong this time.”

Heather Reid

“Couched within innocent normal-sounding narrative, it becomes that much more jarring & creepy.”

Jaclyn Lewis

“Diabolical, love it.”

Julia Andrews

“It really felt like I was being pulled into the investigation. An intriguing read. It kept me guessing until the very end!”

Linda Heller