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But I don’t have an opinion…

In my new job, I am surrounded by opinionated Christians. Some are homeschoolers. Some are pro-lifers. Some are politically incorrect, some pro gun rights, some against homosexual marriage. Everyone is not every single one of these things, in fact, I’m sure there are progressive Christians here that defy many of the stereotypes I just threw out. We are not one denomination, and our statement of faith is very general to encourage diverse beliefs within the term “Christian.” But the fact remains that I am surrounded by strong opinions.

And while I’m going about my workday and hearing anger over various non-Christian “agendas” or “Hitlery” or hot topic issues, my mind is screaming “You can’t just say that!!!!!” But actually, they can. And it makes me feel like I’m missing out because I don’t have an opinion. Or I do have an opinion, but I sure am not about to voice it in such a way that assumes they all share my beliefs.

And I have to remind myself that’s a good thing. That I can’t write culturally relevant worldview articles very often. That I tread lightly on controversial subjects. That I play devil’s advocate (and am somehow not headed straight for hell.)

I used to want to be blunt, dishing out hard truth every which way, and if people didn’t like to hear it, that’s their problem. I even lived that way for awhile. And we need those people, but I believe we need others too.

I’m a writer. And not a worldview or politics or controversial writer. We need those people, but I’m not them.

I’m a person who tries to understand and dig deep into people and perspectives. I want to be an open door, a listening ear, to the misfits and forgotten and ignored especially.

Sometimes I miss that mark of course. Sometimes I’m too caught up in my own problems. But if you’re a writer or a Christian without a loud opinion about every controversial topic surrounded by people telling you to speak up…. I just wanted to share that you’re not alone. We need both types of people. We need the preachers and the counselors both. Which are you? bring about a better world *that* way.

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