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Build it before Ellen DeGeneres shows up

You get stuck in an elevator with Ellen DeGeneres. This sounds like one of her pranks waiting to happen, but it’s really not. You’re just stuck there. And you start talking about your dream.

  • the book you have in you
  • the music you’re making
  • the product you present to the world
  • the nonprofit you’re creating
  • the community you’re building
  • the art you create

All of the sudden, she buys in. She’s totally sold on YOUR IDEA! How awesome is that, right?

Then she invites you to talk on her show, give a pitch, sell your idea to the world. But right now, she’s walking on stage as you’re rescued from the elevator, “My audience is your audience. Invite them to your dream.” Except, oops:

  • you haven’t written the book
  • you have no music prepared
  • you don’t have a website to direct traffic to
  • you have only 5 pieces to sell and no pictures to show

You now have millions of people ready to buy into your dream, but you have nothing to show for it. Nothing.

Okay, I have not yet been trapped in an elevator with Ellen, and that’s good because I’m not prepared for that either.

But I can on a very very small scale relate. Very very small.
  • Strangers liking my public Facebook posts, but I hadn’t thought to add the Follow button
  • A blogpost that brought 1k+ viewers, but there was no way for non-WordPress users to stay in the loop
  • A free $30 Facebook coupon, but I didn’t have a product to advertise

Sometimes we buy into the lie that if we just had luck on our side, if we could just get the audience that someone else has, then we’d make it. But we can’t wait for opportunity – we have to prepare for it.

I don’t want you to be like me. I mean, in the above ways at least 🙂 When Ellen buys into your idea, I want you to be ready! And I want to be ready.

Here’s how I prepared and am preparing:

  • You can now follow my Facebook profile AND like my Facebook page AND follow me on Twitter
  • You can follow this blog through email (see the sidebar) as well as through WordPress, and I’m working on an email newsletter (you can pre-join the list now, but have grace for my MailChimp stumblings.)
  • I finished the first draft of my quirky meta murder mystery. In the editing process, then finding a way to get it out to all my lovely readers (YOU!)

To introduce your dream to others, make sure you get working on the following:

  • Something tangible to offer: the product, the idea, the work, whatever they need to buy into, get it out of your head and into the real world.
  • A public place for your dream: whether that’s a Facebook page, website, Etsy, blog, email newsletter – your audience needs a place to go once they buy in.
  • An action for your audience to take: buy the product, donate to a cause, follow your blog, spread word to their community….don’t let them just show up and leave.

I’m still a work in progress. But we all are 🙂 We’ll never be entirely ready for the big moment. But let’s do what we can to get there. Build it before they come. And by “they” I mean your audience in general, but especially Ellen 😉

7 thoughts on “Build it before Ellen DeGeneres shows up”

  1. Okay, I followed you on Twitter, retweeted this post, and liked your Facebook page and profile.

    You can make it easier for bloggers to do this if you add a sidebar. WordPress has widgets you can just drag and drop there for people to follow you on Twitter and like your Facebook page. Just in case you want to take the preparedness up a notch.

    But this post worked pretty well, too. 🙂

    1. Oh goodness, you’re right! My old theme had those prominently at the top of the webpage, and I forgot to add them to the sidebar when I switched. thanks for the heads up, I’ll add those widgets.

  2. I really love this post. You’ve got it so right! We often forget that talking about progress isn’t actually making progress. When I went back and looked at some of my work/efforts, I saw some gaps that were senseless, such as not mentioning my second travel blog on my About Page and not using social media to update non-wordpressers about new posts. There have been other, bigger things as well; other projects left rusting in a corner. So much to do, so much progress to be made. Thanks darling. Love the Ellen example, fyi. That was a perfect visualization.

    1. Yes, from my brief perusal, I love both your travel blog and your more personal blog! They’re different types of writing, but similar style, still your brand. Cross-promote 🙂

      In regards to social media, I try to remember that not everyone checks their email or has a blog feed, because they’re not necessarily into the blogging world. But they may still be my audience and be all about clicking through to a blogpost if I share it to Facebook or Twitter. I want to “count” my followers as my followers, whether that’s through my blog or through social media.

      But I’m always catching gaps in my preparedness (aren’t we all? haha, I bet even Ellen has some.) You’re right! So much to do, so little time. I’ve got backburner projects coming to the front, and I just need to get more stuff out there!

      1. Thank you so much Amy for the lovely words! It makes me so happy to hear them. 🙂 You know, I never thought to count my friends who aren’t bloggers as followers! I’m gonna mentally add those extra 2 to my count right now haha.

        1. Hahahaha, yes, anyone regularly reading your work in any capacity I would say you can “count” 😉 whether in person, social media, email, wordpress, heck even snail mail lol.

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