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NaNOOOOOWriMo & FriNoWriMo

To all you masochists who have begun NaNoWriMo – kudos to you! You’re….just started… But keep it up!

I’m supposed to be one alongside you in the trenches of this self-induced torment, but alas my laptop is broken and I am in the process of purchasing a new one. My friend Megan mentioned I could longhand write or use a library computer to which I said….SHUT UP!!!! Kidding, kidding. But kinda 🙂 I know I have options, they’re just not ideal options which I would require for the motivation to tough out a month of hell. I wouldn’t be available enough hours that the library is open to reach the goal, and longhand is physical torture, not just mental. I’ll take one type of torture at a time thank you very much.

I saw a post (wish I could remember where!?) recently about how everyone writes and the world doesn’t need more writers, it needs more readers. So regardless of where you stand on NaNoWriMo, make sure you prioritize reading as much as you prioritize writing.


In honor of you brave souls doing NaNoWriMo though, this post is for you, from the admittedly cowardly deserter. But it’s also to those who Just Said No to NaNoWriMo….like me.

First, check yourself and make sure you’re doing (or not doing) this for the right reasons: here.

Secondly, regardless, write year-round and edit year-round. Don’t be satisfied with one month of the year, or with sending in a rough draft for publication. Demand your best. And have a writer’s discipline that works for you the entire year.

Thirdly, if like me you missed out on NaNoWriMo, consider a FriNoWriMo – Friends’ Novel Writing Month. I told Megan we’ll write together a different month of the year once I receive my new laptop. Booyah!



Most importantly, whatever you’re doing, keep your priorities in check. Family. Friends. Writing. Work. School. Church. Hobbies. Whatever it may be. Know your priorities and make sure you place value (time!!!!) where it matters most.


What’s Your Story?

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? Tell me your thoughts below….

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